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Danel Wentzel

Danel (aka Dani) is a young marine biologist with a passion for the ocean and storytelling. With her trusty camera in hand, she aims to capture and share the beauty of the underwater world with those who aren't as fortunate to witness it themselves, with the hopes that they would fall in love with it just as much as she does!


shamier magmoet

Shamier is a Nat Geo explorer, underwater filmmaker and the director and producer of the film "Rise from the Cape Flats". Determined to share the beauty of the ocean through storytelling, and how its connection runs deeper than just surface level, because the sea is in his blood!



Nick is a diver to the core, holding certifications as a commercial diver, PADI / SSI instructor and Technical diver. His passion is sharing the underwater world with like-minded people. Meeting Greg from 3 Square Digital has played a major role in helping him create better content. His greatest dream is to live on a sailboat, allowing him to encounter more marine life than ever before.


Meet the salty sea dogs and mermaids that use our products!

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