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Founded in 2020, 3 Square Digital emerged from a place of passion and a touch of frustration. It was during these challenging times that our founder, Greg Norris, realized a glaring gap in the market for customized action camera trays and affordable lighting solutions for underwater cameras.

Greg, a seasoned diver with over three decades of exploring the mysterious waters of Cape Town, had always been captivated by the underwater world. However, his attempts to capture its beauty were often hindered by the lack of accessible equipment. The options available were either exorbitantly priced or didn’t meet the specific needs of the average underwater enthusiast like himself.

Determined to solve this problem, Greg channelled his years of diving experience and his knack for innovation into creating 3 Square Digital. His mission was simple - to provide high-quality, reasonably priced equipment for underwater photographers and adventurers.

Greg's light-hearted approach to business gives him a unique perspective when working with clients. Greg is often heard saying, “The ocean is serious enough, capturing its beauty shouldn’t be!”. Today, 3 Square Digital is not just a company; but a community of underwater enthusiasts and adventurers. 

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Lessons for Entrepreneurs

As the founder and CEO of 3 Square Digital Design, John brings years of experience and expertise in the field of underwater digital products. He is passionate about developing innovative solutions and providing exceptional service to our clients.

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