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Embrace the deep blue with the SeaFrog Underwater Phone Housing — your perfect mate for underwater smartphone photography. This robust, feature-rich casing transforms your phone into an advanced underwater camera. Let the SportDiver iPhone Housing be your trusted companion, allowing you to delve into aquatic wonders with the smartphone you know and love!


Here's Why You'll Love It:

  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you've got the iPhone 7 or the latest model, the SeaFrog housing has got you covered.
  • Ultimate Protection: A unique vacuum pressure alarm safeguards your phone's waterproof seal, while a moisture sensor alerts you to any leaks.
  • Advanced Camera Settings: Take control of zoom, lens selection, exposure, focus, white balance, tint, RAW capture, Live Photo and Background Blur for a superior shooting experience.
  • Fast Playback & Clear View: A clear back for unobstructed viewing, and quick, easy playback lets you review your underwater captures on-the-go.

SeaFrogs Underwater Phone Case


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